Interactive Online Registry

XHUMA allows public access to an online list of your registered members, and whether they are in good standing.

Professional ID Cards

Membership Cards linked to the XHUMA platform can be used as a means of granting benefits to members. 

Analytics and Visualization

XHUMA comes with a number of reporting tools as well as dashboard analytics which visually represent your real-time data

Welcome to XHUMA Professional

XHUMA Professional a flexible cloud solution which Professional Associations and other membership organizations can adopt to manage and drive value to their members on-line. The Platform includes pre-built modules for complaint and case management, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) tracking, automation of registration / renewal fees and the ability to configure other customized e-services and work-flows.

Easy Export of System Data

XHUMA can combine online business and member information and easily generate summary reports for download

Online Payment Tracking

XHUMA’s shopping cart allows members to renew membership, or  to easily obtain Association documents and products.


Track the progress of cases before the Association and view case history. 

How XHUMA Professional can benefit you

Easily Access Registrant Information

XHUMA allows membership organisations to review details of listed registrants, such as application information and other relevant membership documents.

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The Mobile Advantage

Access to the XHUMA Professional Mobile App, brings another layer of access to the XHUMA Professional Service, which unleashes a world of flexibility on the go!

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Renewal of Registration

Each year a notification is given on the dashboard one month before the renewal date

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