XHUMA Packages

Get Going

  • A Dynamic Administrative Portal
  • Automatic Bulk Upload of New Member Data
  • Real-Time Interactive Online Membership Listying
  • Flexible Searching and Report Generation
  • Best In Class Cloud Storage and Security
  • Convenient Email/SMS Notifications (Optional)

Data Intensive

  • Communicate with member-base, groups and individuals
  • Track and manage new registrations and payment data
  • Interactively manage Certification updates with members
  • Track Professional Development Credits
  • Publish Opportunities, Events and Professional Information
  • Create a Vibrant Professional Community

Premium Plus

  • All benefits of the Get Going Package
  • External Stakeholder Portal
  • Mobile App
  • Physical Membership Card linked to Platform
  • Online Credit Card Processing
  • Member and Stakeholder Surveys Module
  • Option of "Advertising" or "Sponsored Content"

Comparison Table

Features Get Going Data Intensive Premium Plus
Integrated Organisational Website Optional Optional Optional
Interactive On-line Membership Listing
Administration Portal
Cloud Storage and Infrastructure
Administrator Access
Firewall and Encryption-based Security
Member Data Query and Reporting
Off Platform Alerts (e-mail / SMS) Optional Optional
Instant Messaging
Social Messaging
File Management/Information Sharing
On-line Registration and Evaluation Optional
Membership Portal
Automatic Bulk Upload of Member Data
Manage Departments/Groups
 Continuous Professional Development Tracking Optional
Qualification Management Module
On-line Payment Tracking Module
Management of Events
Management of Opportunities
Broadcast and InMail Messaging
External Stakeholder Portal Optional
Third Party Advertising
Member Data and Activity Analytics Optional
Geo-Spatial Data Mapping Analytics Optional Optional
Mobile App Optional Optional
Membership Card linked to Platform
On-line Credit-Card Payment Processing
Request/Issue Management
Engagement Tracking
Data Exportation
Automatic Renewal of Registration
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